About Us

Our philosophy is to provide legal advice executed by the partners, giving priority to achieving practical results, according to the particular needs of each client

We make our client’s goals our own

We design concrete solutions

We are interested in forging strong relationships with our clients

We provide permanent accompaniment in decisions requiring legal support


is a firm that since 2000 gathers legal professionals with more than 25 years’ experience in their fields of professional development.


Our professional philosophy is providing legal advice directed at and performed by the partners, privileging the procurement of practical results, according to the specific needs of each client, whether natural persons, family companies, both local or foreign, investors and financial groups, for the performance of their business operations in Colombia. We have associates throughout Latin America and the United States through the BLITA network of tax and business lawyers, and accountants with main office in the city of Miami, where we additionally receive our clients in our offices.

Our professional practice covers several trade and industry sectors, in tax advice, equity and business organization and structuration, inheritance planning, corporate and family governance, family protocols, regulation of companies and different investment vehicles.

We complement these working areas with the experience of some of our partners in business financial structuring, the design of projects and the knowledge of how the Colombian State and its entities work.

We provide permanent accompaniment in decisions requiring legal support, which makes us a firm capable of adding value to business management. We assume the judicial and arbitration processes of our clients with the same approach.

This dynamic has allowed us to forge strong relationships and consolidate clients in different lines of the business activity, among which we consider capital investors, the mining, industrial, commercial and sales sectors, services, transportation, food, companies in the insurance sector, chain stores, among others.


Founding partner of ESPINOSA ABOGADOS ASOCIADOS, Phd in Law suma cum laude, has worked as an independent lawyer for more than twenty years.

Specialist in Tax and Business Law, Financial Legislation, Public Management and Administrative Institutions and Financial Management and Finance of Universidad de los Andes, MBA from the University of Miami. He is a recognized Legal Advisor of several private and public companies at a national level, who among other positions has held the offices of Deputy Prosecutor for Administrative Surveillance, National Taxes and Customs Managing Director, Representative in Europe of the National Federation of Coffee Growers, General Secretary of Seguros Tequendama S.A., Manager of Segurosca Ltda., Consultant of the United Nations Development Program, Consultant of the European Union ECIP Program, Advisor of the General Comptroller of the Republic and the General Prosecutor of the Nation, Legal Advisor of the National Registrar and Administrative and Financial Vice-President of Aseguradora Grancolombiana, member of several Boards of Directors located in Colombia and the United States.

As an arbitrator and party lawyer, he has intervened in more than 50 arbitration procedures both national and international.



She is an expert in Family Property Law, family companies and protocols; Lawyer, Master of Arts of Universidad del Valle, with complementary studies in the University of Lovain in Belgium. She is also certified in the Colombian Tax Regime and a Conciliator. Mediator in corporate family conflicts.

She was a professor in Universidad del Valle and in the Schools of Legal Sciences of Universidad Javeriana in Bogota and Cali for 15 years. Throughout her professional career of more than 20 years, she has worked with family and corporate groups in compliance with equity consolidation objectives, property control and management by founders or descendants, succession planning, liquidation of community property, regulation of Trusts and Foundations in benefit of the families, corporate succession, resolution of family conflicts, mediation in family councils and activation of family protocols.



Lawyer, specialist in Insurance Law, certified in Government Contracting, in High Management and in the Colombian Tax Regime, Extrajudicial Conciliator in Law, with 22 years of professional experience during which he has held different positions, such as Head of the Insurance Intermediaries Division of the Finance Superintendence of Colombia, Legal Director of Proseguros Corredores de Seguros S.A. and Manager of Aseguradora Colseguros S.A.

In addition to the work experience mentioned above, he has broad experience as business advisor, allowing him to lead several processes of creation, merger, transformation, spin-off and liquidation of companies, guiding strategies of corporate governance, state contracts processes, as well as the management of different matters before the national authorities.